Cranberry Extract 2oz - Raw Earth Extracts
Cranberry Extract 2oz - Raw Earth Extracts
Cranberry Extract 2oz - Raw Earth Extracts

Cranberry Extract 2oz

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Raw Earth Cranberry Extract 2 Oz
Cranberry(Vaccinium Macrocarpon) is a type of evergreen fruit-bearing shrub that grows in wet areas, such as bogs or wetlands. It has small, glossy, leathery leaves, bronze in spring and dark-green in summer. Cranberry has white to pink, tube-shaped flowers in nodding clusters, followed by dark red fruit. Cranberry is native to northeastern and north-central parts of the United States. The shrub has small, dark green leaves, pink flowers, and dark red fruit that are egg-shaped.

Ingredients: Organic Cranberry, Organic Coconut Oil derived vegetable glycerin, Sunflower lecithin, and Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals.
Contains Approx. 60 Servings

  • Patented Water-Extraction process
  • Highest Quality ingredients
  • Free from artificial colors,petrochemicals, and preservatives.

Cranberries may help support bladder walls, to promote healthy urinary tract function & Kidney Health in both men and women. Vitamin C plays a role in supporting overall wellness, Digestive Health, and your body's Healthy Immune Response. Cranberry is known to have a soothing effect on the body. Extract Supports Urinary Tract Health and May Prevent Urinary Tract Infections, Supports the teeth, Supports the digestive system, promotes cardiovascular system health.

"Cranberry includes a big amount of different minerals and vitamin C "

Take directly under the tongue or add to water or juice. Great for cooking or baking. Glass dropper included.

RECOMMENDATIONS:10-25 drops in water or juice, 1-3 times daily. Shake well before use. Store in a cool and dry place.


We guarantee the highest level of social, ecological & processing quality!

All Natural

Alcohol & Preservative Free

Cruelty Free


Small Batch Runs


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Our patented Water-Extraction Process, using Fulvic Acid, is the purest way to obtain the high quality ingredients we use to make our concentrated live extracts. This one of a kind process allows us to capture and isolate powerful compounds from nature and deliver them back to you in the most healthy and concentrated form.


We strive to bring you superior live extracts sourced responsibly from only the highest quality responsibly sourced organic and wild crafted ingredients. For example our Vanilla Extract uses only the best vanilla beans from select growing regions on the island of Madagascar. Our process harnesses the power of that vanilla, extracting it properly so it can reduce inflammation in the brain and nervous system. It’s a very healing product, much more than just flavoring.

Naturally extracted
coconut glycerin

We use a very special type of glycerin, naturally extracted from coconuts to preserve all of our concentrated live extracts. Coconut glycerin is completely inert, ensuring the longevity of our products. With a naturally sweet taste, coconut glycerin actually contains zero sugars or carbs.